Southern X Press Limited (SXP) provides a mobile baling service baling paper, plastic and End of Life tyres.

SXP is taking in a wide range plastic and tyres for export at the Bromley site.

The baling technique produces neat, high density bales ideal for handling, transport and storage.

SXP is developing a gasification technique which produces energy in the form of hot water and steam from rubber and plastic.

The energy development program is being totally funded from the support of the loyal customers of Southern X Press Limited.   Your support is appreciated.

Environmental Accountability

Southern X Press Limited bales and exports End of Life tyres to a processor in India that uses German granulating equipment, with German supply contracts for their manufactured product for use in roading, playing fields and in reconstituted rubber products to meet European specifications.

Our objective is to meet the environmental expectations of “Good Corporate citizens” in meeting our obligations as a global member of the tyre recycling industry, SXP complies with international conventions on hazardous waste and have a robust traceability chain which can be viewed in commercial confidence at our office by appointment.