About Southern X Press

SXP History

In 2001, I started baling cardboard and clear plastic in a mobile press that I had initially developed for use in the agricultural industry back in the mid 1990s. At the time, the obstacles to bringing that up to a realistic field operation was just too demanding but given my current pressing experience, I can now see ways around previous difficulties so I look forward to returning to this development in due course. I'll be back!!!

Worked with JM Davie Ltd, Dunedin to build on a more commercially viable mobile baling unit for a wide range of bulk material which got on the road in 2003. After a fire at Christchurch City's kerbside paper recycler in 2005 SXP baled over half the City's newsprint while maintaining a service for the Dunedin kerbside news print collection and service to Alexandra and Oamaru.

SXP also has experience in developing separation process / techniques for modest scale for a commercial paper / glass / plastic / can collection.


SXP Current position

Southern X Press Limited is currently baling and exporting plastic and End of Life tyres but is developing a gasification technique which produces energy in the form of hot water and steam.

The baling technique produces neat, high density, 2 Tonne bales ideal for handling and transport. More importantly, increased density and good bale shape are critical to scaling up the energy technique. The bales need no further preparation for a continuous feed to the gas producer. Gasification is a relatively simple technology where the product gas is taken straight to combustion which overcomes the technical issues that have frustrated many that have gone before us.

Technical support comes from the team leaders of Solid Energy's successful underground coal gasification project. This development program is being funded from the support of the loyal customers of Southern X Press Limited.

Your support is appreciated.